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Benefits of eForms and Digital Signatures in FinTech

Benefits of eForms and Digital Signatures in the FinTech industry… Financial Service providers are continuously trying to improve their business processes. Their aim is to provide a better customer experience by digitising their processes. Adopting an electronic signature solution that makes use of digital signature technology provides this improved customer experience, along with secure, legal, […]

Electronic Forms (eForms) – What you need to know

Electronic Forms (eForms) – What you need to know We all know what a form is. A document that requires the person to fill in the information in specified fields. For a long time forms have come in a physical manner, using pen-to-paper-based methods – and are still used today. Whether you have gone to […]

Know your buzzwords: Electronic and digital signatures

Know your buzzwords: electronic and digital signatures Signatures have been a part of society for almost as long as civilization itself. Whether it’s an artist proclaiming their work, a binding document that requires authority, or simply receiving a package, signatures are an accepted method of confirmation. The evolution of cryptography and technology in recent years, […]

What is Digital Transformation?

What is digital transformation? “Digital transformation” is one of those terms that people bandy about so often you feel as though you should know what it means. At the same time, it’s used so broadly that it seems almost meaningless!  So,  what is it really about? In short, digital transformation is the process of transforming […]

The Legality of Digital Signatures in South Africa

The Legality of Digital Signatures in South Africa Digital signatures may seem like new technology, but they have been around since the 1970s!  Their legal status is firmly established under South African law, and digital signatures are accepted as legally binding under South Africa’s ECT Act. The Past The first “primitive” form of digital signatures […]

Impress your customers in 2021

2020 was a bit of a shocker…but it’s time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back to business.  Here’s how you can get started… and impress your customers in 2021! Love your customers Your customers know when you love them.  They really do.  Have you ever dealt with a business where the […]