The Best Things About Being a Woman in Tech

Besides being one of the fastest growing industries, the tech industry also happens to be one of the most exciting and innovative industries around. As we know the pandemic has revolutionised the way we work. And as a result, we have seen a rapid increase in digital transformation. According to a report by CompTia, the global tech industry is expected to grow by more than $5.3 trillion in 2022  and along with that, we will continue to see ongoing demand for IT skills.

Over the past few years, awareness has substantially increased when it comes to the gender gap within the tech industry. This is at last providing women with those much-needed opportunities. Women are now being taken far more seriously than before and their contribution is finally being realised and more importantly valued and sought after.


The Best Things About Being a Woman in Tech


Growth Industry

As mentioned, the tech industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Some reports stating that it is growing 6 times faster than other industries. Any fast-growing industry not only offers employment opportunities but also offers exciting learning opportunities. Women are now finding themselves at the forefront of innovation and part of revolutionising the way all companies will work going forward.

Blakelee Mills, CEO of house Golden Software, a scientific graphics software company said, “I serendipitously entered the technological space, and I’ve remained because of the ever-changing nature of the industry. Technology is the driving force behind the majority, if not all, of today’s innovations.”

Another successful woman who has been attracted because of the continual learning opportunities is Bhavya Aggarwal. She is the co-founder of zipBoard, who said, “I thoroughly enjoy being in tech, because of the ever-changing world of technology. I love the idea of being able to learn so much and still not know enough.”


The tech industry offers women flexibility. Providing for a more sustainable work-life balance than ever seen before. As most tech-related jobs allow for remote working or a hybrid work solution.

But flexibility doesn’t just refer to that important work-life balance, it also refers to the fact, that with the right skill set you can work for just about any company, anywhere in the world. Dr. Rebecca Sykes says it perfectly, “A benefit of working in technology is that I have acquired a unique skill set which has meant I am able to move to many different roles in my company.”

It’s not all about code

Working within the tech industry doesn’t mean it’s all about code. The tech industry doesn’t just need programmers and developers. Like any organisation, it needs everything from graphic designers through to marketing and project management.

These roles offer many women an entry into the tech sector and the opportunity to be part of this exciting and innovative industry.

Opportunities Abound

As a woman, there has never been a better time to be involved in the tech industry than right now! Dave Gibbs, a specialist at the National STEM Learning Centre and Network says, “There is so much opportunity out there for women going to work in information technology. Now that the companies are beginning to wake up to the value of women in the industry, both as customers and employees, there are endless possibilities to explore.”

There are many opportunities for women within the tech sector, we just need to go out there and grab them. And that’s another great thing about being a woman in tech at the moment. We are responsible for levelling the playing fields for the women who will follow.

So enjoy the last few days of Woman’s Month and go out there and make your mark!

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