Business Technology Trends 2023

Business Technology Trends 2023

This will be an exciting year for tech, join us, as we look at the business technology trends for 2023. Starting in 2020, tech has been bolstered by
en-masse adoption. That adoption is responsible for tech experiencing an uptick in interest and an acceleration of how it’s used. Now, even
non-technical users are embracing the future of tech and wondering where it will go.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and big data have aided in developing lifelike AI that is chock full of information — but in a more accessible way.

AI will take over as the top tech trend of 2023 because:

  1. It’s used in most of this year’s trending applications
  2. It offers users the personalised experience they desire.

Consider ChatGPT an excellent example of that kind of lifelike intelligence. 

With a plethora of applications, this kind of AI allows us to get precise answers to any number of questions, making interactive software more synergistic.

Businesses will use AI to improve backend and frontend functions, with frontend applications enabling them to offer a personalised service.

Hyper Automation

Businesses have embraced automation for decades, aiding employees with low-complexity, high-volume tasks in many ways.

But hyper-automation isn’t typical automation; it’s proliferated — automating every process in a business. 

In 2023, expect hyper-automation to take centre stage in business processes. Enabling businesses of all sizes to pursue productivity, maintain competitiveness, and achieve profitability in an increasingly challenging — and sometimes hostile — business environment.

Super Apps

All-in-one apps, like WeChat and Alipay, have dominated China for years. Other markets and regions have embraced similar super apps.

Super apps prevent the need to download multiple apps. Allowing a single app to take care of several functions, including financial services, health care services, food and retail services, mobility, and video streaming.

In 2023, more companies will start developing and rolling out their own super apps in the race to become the world’s preeminent super app, much like TikTok has become the world’s preeminent social media platform.

Ambient Computing

As tech becomes more pervasive, users are embracing ambient computing. The kind installed in homes for example,  Alexa, Siri, or Google Home — and waiting to help without prompting.

Although these technologies have been around for several years, the number of functions this type of technology will control will likely multiply in 2023. Furthermore, ambient computing will require less of your intervention in 2023 as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation has developed considerably, and most of your data is already accessible for data gathering.

Now, expect ambient computing to use data from your smartwatch, vehicle, online order history, and even banking and travel information to make decisions in your stead.

Retail and service-oriented companies will likely embrace ambient computing to enhance customer experience and insert their products and services into daily use.

A Web 3.0 Resurgence

As cryptocurrency took a tremendous hit in 2022, so did the tech that makes it possible. Namely blockchain and Web 3.0.

However, given that utility exists in these technologies, Web 3.0, in particular, will emerge from cryptocurrency’s shadow. Becoming a standalone entity in 2023.

Since being the third iteration of the web, which will be decentralised and more transparent. Users will control the pace of Web 3.0’s adoption in 2023 and beyond.

Businesses that want to be future-proof will embrace the transparency of Web 3.0. Creating services that remove third-party oversight and consent, making each transaction a truly business-to-consumer affair.


Tech is becoming more pervasive and more seamless in 2023. Rather than the typical hype-focused trends, like the metaverse in 2022. 2023 is about utility on a massive scale, the kind that will change how businesses plan, operate, interact, and scale.

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