How Going Paperless Can Benefit Your Business

How Going Paperless Can Benefit Your Business

Going paperless may seem like an impossible task as a business. Without the basic facts, the benefits and convenience of going digital can be lost.

Many businesses can only start enjoying the rewards and daily benefits, not to mention the boost to our conscience – Once you’ve actually experienced the fluidity and convenience of an all-online digital filing and online document management, you’ll be surprised you didn’t convert sooner.

We’ve briefly broken down the best way to streamline your transition to a digital filing system and the best organisation practices for the most popular online and digital file management applications.

Capturing Your Data

The most important part of your digital document management is ensuring you capture all the information clearly and without any errors. Capturing your document info and image is the first step to any good system. Depending on your scanning app, you can send the captured information directly to your Document Management app.

Evernote and Google Drive are the most used due to their versatility and wide range of functions and security protocols. Because they can be integrated into many other apps, these 2 are vastly popular, and we ourselves use Drive. But without an effective solution and system in place, captured documents have a tendency to fall into the ether, and we can help you with that.

Processing Your Documents

The process would be the method used to capture your documents into a Document Management app, what you do with these documents, and where you store them.

Processing is usually done on a slightly longer schedule than capturing and can be executed every fortnight or week. Ensure every file has a relevant tag and logical title. So that once stored, you can easily access them based on an effective management system. 

You can find out more about our Digital Transformation services and Electronic signature solutions to help streamline your digital document management here.

Accessing Your Files

Now is when you’ll start to feel the benefits of going paperless and investing in your digital filing system. Accessing your files at any point during your day and at any location. The use of your smartphone has broken the glass ceiling for business and business owners. Making long-distance communications and transactions a smooth and effortless experience.

You’re not limited to what you can store via your online filing too, and that’s the beauty of a fully digital filing network.

Securing Your Data

Believe it or not, the main security for your digital files is ensuring they are backed up regularly. As important as cyber security is for your files, every email or document you receive is technically already on “the cloud”. And with cloud services strengthening their security protocols, it’s not a difficult task to keep your files safe anymore

It’s also good to check the built-in features of the digital document system you’re using. Ensuring the app prevents invasive permissions and has features such as passcodes and 2-factor authentication.

The Final Paper Cleanse

This can be a daunting process – Old documents are dredged up and stale dust is introduced into the air. Entire document files and cabinets can be included in the cleanse. This is why many don’t find the idea appealing at first.

But there’s a therapeutic quality to transferring everything online, becoming familiar with old documents and forms. And once you’re officially integrated and online, it’s only about the maintenance then.

We are becoming more like digital beings and paperwork online seems like a natural process more and more these days. Once you’ve found the right system for you, your entire business will feel the benefits and ease that digital filing provides for you and your entire business.


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