BiooEducation & Conclude

At Conclude we believe in the power of STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, arts & math) to build our country and empower its future leaders.  As a technology focussed business, we want our children and youth to be exposed to exciting developments in science and technology.

Bioo is a research & development company that focuses on scientific research for the generation of electricity from nature. 
One of its main goals is to bring nature and technology together to improve the quality of life.

The team is made up of engineers, biologists, and technologists who work with an international network of companies and leading research centres in the sector.

For this reason, Bioo has recently partnered with the Conclude team to supply the educational sector with an experimental kit focusing on nature as a renewable energy source.


BiooEducation is designed for the education sector based on technology developed at Bioo. 

It was created to share the most innovative technology with the next generation of leaders through a new interdisciplinary model for education.

It brings together nature and technology with an approach based on sustainability, STEAM fields, and real, practical, applicable learning.

What is it?

A resource for skills-based learning in science and technology. It ties into subjects from the first to the fourth grade of secondary education.

What do we promote?

  • Fostering vocation in STEAM fields without gender bias.
  • Developing environmental awareness.
  • Encouraging interest in sustainable entrepreneurship.
  • Awakening social responsibility.


Generating electricity from nature is one of the most impactful and innovative ways to motivate students and get them interested in STEAM fields and innovative green technology, through active, reality-based learning

The pillars of our project


We encourage good habits and accountability for a sustainable planet today and for future generations.


We promote young entrepreneurship tied to sustainable development and respect for the environment, especially in the STEAM fields.


We incentivise a shift towards new teaching methods that foster active learning and collaboration

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What is included?

Themed blocks include content, activities, and homework from different fields. 

  • Key contents directly tied to using the BiooEd Kit, broken down by course.
  • Skills in science and technology that students can activate and develop through this resource.

With this kit, you can build microbial fuel cells.

  • Facilitates reality-based, applicable, approachable learning of key content.
  •  A useful tool to reinforce transversal content and use what students have learned.
  • Stimulating process, based on the students’ own experience.

Instruction Manual

Manual that includes the steps for building the Experiment Kit.

  • Phase 1: Putting together the MFC.
  • Phase 2: Validation.
  • Phase 3: Setting up the electrical circuit.


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Teaching guide includes

1. Structure & Timing

  • PHASE 1: Content in biology, geology, and ecology.
    27 classroom sessions + 8 hours of homework
  • PHASE 2: Content in physics, chemistry, and electronics (technology).
    11 classroom sessions
  • PHASE 1: Combination of biological and physicochemical sciences with technology.
    6 classroom sessions

The approximate length is 44 classroom sessions + 8 hours of homework

2. Other support tools


• To continue a learning activity, session, or teaching sequence.
• To evaluate what students have learned.


To assess achievement of skills and learning.


To accompany activities, facilitating, complementing and supporting proper development.


Concepts that help guide teachers in understanding certain educational, organisational, and methodological strategies to use in the classroom.

BiooEd Bonus Kit

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