The Best Careers for Women in Tech

The technology industry is one of the most innovative and fastest growing industries out there and the rapid rise in digital transformation has led to an abundance of new and exciting opportunities.

When it comes to women in tech, no career path is off limits. This is our take on the best careers for women in tech. From start-ups to innovative tech companies and large corporations, the industry offers a wide and diverse array of career paths. In other words, the options are endless. Slice has a good list of other options, we may not cover in this blog.

Our previous articles have shown how women have played and continue to play a significant role within the technology landscape. Now is the perfect time to take your skills and make your mark in this industry. After all, technology is crucial to shaping the future of people and companies across the board.

As in any industry, hard-working and skilled individuals are in demand and there isn’t a company out there that doesn’t require tech skills in one form or another and as we know women bring that much-needed creativity and diversity to the table.

The Best Careers for Women in Tech

The Advantage of Coding

Whether you want to be a programmer, game developer, or even a data scientist, you need to understand code! One of the biggest advantages of coding is that it offers you unlimited growth potential.

Standing out from the crowd is something we all want to do and learning to code and understanding programming languages will do just that. It is a huge advantage even if you are in a non-technical role as coding helps you communicate with programmers which you will inevitably come across and have to work with.

Coding is an exciting career path and in simple terms means writing codes that machines can understand.  Coders need to be proficient in various programming languages like Java, Python, etc, be mathematically inclined as well as being logical, analytical and creative.

The Exciting World of Data Science

Data is a valuable commodity and crucial to any company’s success. Organisations, businesses and even governments’ focus has increasingly shifted towards analytics and data-driven decisions and solutions. And this is where an exciting career in data science starts.

Data science is considered to be one of the most revolutionary fields at the moment as we are seeing continued significant progress and development within this area. – especially when it comes to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A career in data science is perfect if you firstly love data!  Data Science suits women who are logical, analytical, and are familiar with standard business operations. Here is where coding helps as you need to be familiar with programming languages and similar to coding, maths is definitely a requirement!

Career Paths in Data Science

Data scientists are responsible for capturing, maintaining, processing, and analysing data across an organisation. This is a relatively new career path and offers endless possibilities as machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to develop.

Many data scientists are now specialising and moving into roles like machine learning engineers where they manage the artificial intelligence and machine learning elements within different data structures and environments.

Other roles within data science include business and data analysts, business intelligence developers, data engineers, and architects.

There are also exciting roles like CV (Computer Vision) Engineers whose role involves applying computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning algorithms to enable computers to understand information from images or videos. Another role in machine learning is an NLP (Natural Language Processing) Engineer who applies machine learning concepts enabling computers to interpret textual information.


Cybersecurity is a hot topic, and this sector has seen exponential growth with companies becoming more vulnerable to data breaches as we are now often seeing in the media.

Positions like Information Security Engineers play an integral role within any organisation as they are responsible for building and designing security systems for networks and applications. These types of positions require knowledge of Linux, Unix, and Java systems as well as software coding experience in SSL, SSH and SIEM systems.

Changing Perceptions

Everyone talks about the gender gap within the tech industry and changing perceptions of this male-dominated industry. But we can only change perceptions by increasing the number of highly skilled women and that starts at school-level ensuring young women choose STEM subjects and exposing them to this exciting and innovative industry. 

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