Different Types of Digital Transformation

Different Types of Digital Transformation


With Digital Transformation, businesses implement new tools and technologies to improve workflows, develop better products and processes, improve customer experience, and create a more efficient business model.

It can happen in steps, with small changes to update old systems at different levels of the business, or through a larger shift in the culture and model of the entire business.

In both cases, businesses will pursue one or a combination of the 4 main types of Digital Transformation outlined in this blog.

Business Process Transformation

Business process transformation changes the way businesses work internally. This is generally how new technologies are introduced and used by employees for their daily tasks. 

This includes automating manual processes to increase efficiency, and allows the business to utilise crucial data to improve the business’s RoI and general business decisions. One of the main purposes of business process transformation is to achieve maximum cost effectiveness. Other objectives include reducing time to market, improving the quality of the products and services, improving customer experience, and improving brand image.

Business Model Transformation

Businesses are starting, more and more, to implement new technologies to transform older business models. Business process transformation is focused on specific areas of the business. However, business model transformation is more for the fundamentals of the business in its industry. Much like the transformation of business meetings, that moved from in-person to completely online.

Business model transformation can be difficult and intimidating. That’s why it requires involvement and leadership. Tackling business model transformation is often recommended to be done while continuing business as usual, and slowly changing it step by step. This type of transformation can open new opportunities for growth. More businesses should pursue this path.

Domain Transformation

Businesses will implement new technologies to redefine their products and services. Which may come in the form of new offerings, or changed offerings. 

As an example, businesses that sell digital products can expand by providing hardware specifically designed to use those digital products in better ways.

Cultural Transformation

This type of digital transformation relates to transforming the culture within the business. And complete digital transformation for a company cannot take place without the support of the business’s employees.

A business that attempts cultural transformation needs to shift the overall way of thinking employees have towards digital innovation and embracing new technologies.

To change a business’s culture, it usually needs to start from the top, and have leaders influencing their employees positively. However, with us being in a digital age, most people are already very open to accepting new methods and technologies.


There may be different types of digital transformation, and each type has its benefits and purpose. But it is important to remember that digital transformation can only be successful when done throughout the entire business.

It is advised to implement it in steps or stages, to reduce the shock to your processes and employees. The end goal, however, must always be to cover the business from top to bottom. And with Conclude by your side, we can help you achieve exactly that.

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