Conclude & Wacom

Conclude is a premium partner and regional partner for Wacom in Sub-Saharan Africa. We have assisted multiple companies across 13 countries in Africa, helping find solutions to their digital challenges.

Transitioning from paper to digital can be a cumbersome process, especially when one changes the way to capture that “mark”. Together, Conclude’s skills and expertise in software development, consulting, and brilliant minds at the forefront of this technology, with Wacom’s RSA/AES encryption and pressure sensitivity across their devices, we’ve made a partnership that’s a perfect recipe for success. Therefore, apart from just the technology, this partnership ensures that compliance is maintained according to the governing legislature. Requirements are met through the level of security and biometric data needed to satisfy such requirements, as set out in the Electronic and Communications and Transactions Act, 2002. (ECT Act).

Finally, Wacom’s products and combined solutions are widely used. For instance – in the FinTech, legal, parastatal, telecoms, mining, medical, real estate and automotive industries. However, they can be used anywhere really, where the strategy has been embarked upon for a document to be signed digitally, legally, and securely.

Conclude is the regional partner for South Africa and the African continent. From creative to business, Wacom provides solutions to bring the digital world to life. State-of-the-art displays, security, and biometrics allow Conclude to deliver our premium Electronic Signature solutions to our clients.

Wacom Products


Ideal for any signing environment, the Wacom STU-430 signature pad is a versatile, full-featured, monochrome signature pad with a new thin design and a low-profile surface. The 4.5’’ LCD screen is large enough to capture longer signatures, as well as to accommodate soft buttons in addition to the signature area.

Moreover, the screen is easily readable in varying light conditions. State-of-the-art encryption and a unique hardware ID ensure a secure signing experience.

Key Features & Benefits

Efficient Accuracy
Cordless, battery-free pen with 1024 pressure sensitivity levels ensures biometrically accurate signature capture.

Secure Transactions
Transaction security with state-of-the-art AES/RSA encryption

Unique Identity
Unique hardware ID enables identification of the exact device used for signing





Wacom STU430 Tablet


Wacom STU540 Signature PadWacom STU540 Signature Pad



Wacom STU540 Signature Pad


As our most advanced and robust premium signature pads, the Wacom STU-540 feature a 5″ high-resolution color screen with hardened cover glass for superb durability.

They also feature a broad range of connectivity options including multiple choices for virtualized desktop environments, as well as sophisticated encryption and user convenience.

As a result, these signature pads have the flexibility to meet the growing demands of any organization implementing handwritten electronic signatures.

Key Features & Benefits

Secure Transactions
Transaction security with state-of-the-art RSA/AES encryption

Native Support
Native support for Citrix v7.6.3 and newer in standard USB mode.

Virtual COM Port (VCP) mode for Citrix v6.5 and other virtualized desktop environments


The DTU-1031AX Pen Display is our most economical device for viewing, annotating and signing full size documents electronically. It’s ideal for organizations that need a compact device to let customers read and sign documents on screen.

The DTU 1031AX is easy to integrate into kiosk or POS environments with minimal effort and clutter. It’s also comfortable and intuitive for people to use in hand, or lying flat on a counter.

In addition, when not in document mode, the DTU-1031AX can display slideshows or advertising videos. This helps organizations run promotions and up-sell with minimum effort and cost.


Optimal comfort
Easy document viewing and signing via the 10.1” color LCD panel

Secure transactions
Transaction security with state-of-the-art AES/RSA encryption

Flexible convenience
New improved cable cover system and bi-directional pen tray signing





Wacom DTU1031AX Pen Display



Wacom DTK1660E Display Tablet


Featuring a 15.6″ Full HD resolution LCD display, the Wacom DTK-1660E Pen Display is a premium pen display that enables exceptionally comfortable viewing and signing of full-sized documents in portrait or landscape mode. Its outstanding design combines a modern, slim look with state-of-the-art encryption, biometric signature capture, and 8,000 levels of pressure sensitivity for the most familiar signing and writing experience.

These attributes make the Wacom DTK-1660E ideal for a variety of use cases across financial services, education, healthcare, hospitality, telecoms and POS retail environments.


Optimal comfort
Easy document viewing via the 15.6” Full HD display with portrait/landscape mode

Secure signing
Encryption and a unique hardware ID to help ensure secure, verifiable document signing

Clutter-free footprint
Slim, sleek design, 3-in-1 cable for power, HDMI and USB, and innovative magnetic pen holder

DTK-2451 / DTH-2452

Featuring 24-inch, full HD displays, the DTK-2451 and DTH-2452 are Wacom’s large pen displays for business customers. The generous active area provides a comfortable work surface for writing and signing eDocuments or annotating directly on presentations.

And with 2048 levels of pen pressure, users can enjoy precise drawing, writing, and annotating, plus enhanced biometric signature capture. The DTH-2452’s multi-touch screen also supports touch gestures and navigation.


Flexible display options
Support for both analog and digital connections with DVI video in/out

Fully adjustable
Flexibility to fit any working environment with adjustable stand that supports multiple angles

Multi-touch enabled
Intuitive navigation and support for common gestures through multi-touch functionality (DTH-2452 only)




Wacom DTK2451/DTH2452 Display Tablet






Wacom DTU1141B Display Tablet


The DTU-1141B’s vivid 10.1″ LCD screen supports multiple resolutions up to Full HD for an optimal user experience with any business software application. Security is addressed with state-of-the-art encryption and a unique hardware ID that connects each electronic signature to the individual unit used for signing.

As with all Wacom products, the DTU-1141B is extremely durable and can be easily integrated into any existing environment. The pen is cordless and battery-free, making it light, strong and low maintenance. The unit can also be used while flat, supported at a comfortable angle with the integrated stand, or attached to a third-party arm or stand.


Multiple resolutions
Support for 6 different resolutions from 800×600 to 1920×1080

Secure Transactions
Transaction security with state-of-the-art AES/RSA encryption

Enhanced Productivity
Easy access to commonly used shortcuts is provided by four touch-activated ExpressKey