How eForms and eSignatures Help Build a Sustainable Future

eForms and eSignatures in a Sustainable Future

Digital transformation is about so much more than just saving time and money. It is also the easiest way for any business to start its sustainability journey. 

One of the most overlooked areas is how eforms and esignatures help build a sustainable future. With the advent of Covid and remote working, these two areas are critical to any business’s success. The introduction of eSignatures and eForms into your business will enable you to streamline and simplify your paper-based processes. This can mean increased productivity whilst simultaneously positively contributing towards a sustainable future for all.

In a recent article by DocuSign, their research showed that 45% of all municipal waste in the U.S. was produced at work and offices in the U.S. used approximately 12 trillion sheets of paper every year. That equates to at least 100 million trees.

The digital transformation journey can be overwhelming, but the benefits gained by companies embracing this change have surpassed even the biggest sceptic’s expectations. Historically, building a sustainable business led to choose between profitability and sustainability.  This is no longer the case, as progress within the digital world has led to companies being able to have it all.


The agreement process has multiple touchpoints across all business areas. From contracting and onboarding clients to human resources and procurement. Embarking on any form of change within an organisation can be overwhelming which is why we recommend starting slowly.

When evaluating your agreement process from creation, through to signature and storage, it is easy to identify the bottlenecks and production delays. Implementing eSignatures is the ideal first step to take on your digital transformation journey. This is because it provides a host of immediate benefits to both your company and your clients.

Once an agreement has been finalised and is ready for signature, it can either be the beginning of a tedious, time-consuming process or the start of a streamlined, simple, and efficient exercise. Creating a paperless environment is one of the key ways a business can positively impact the environment. eSignatures remove the need to print out contracts. This means reduced time wasted locating and following up with authorised signatories and completely removing the risk of contracts going missing.


eForms are another simple, yet effective way to move towards a paperless environment. Creating time-consuming and costly paper forms which require printing and handwritten completion is a thing of the past.

It doesn’t matter which industry you are involved in; competition is growing, and each business is looking for an edge. With Conclude’s electronic form solutions, you can create custom eforms. Adding them to your website, making the collection of information, payments, and file uploads all occur seamlessly online.

Whether you are looking to increase efficiency or make your clients’ lives easier. When it comes to forms, eForms are what you need.  You are more likely to get a response when a form is easy to complete and requires no manual intervention than one that requires printing, completing, and scanning.

eForms also add the benefit of enabling you to process responses efficiently, while minimising human error.



Reducing your environmental footprint is often overlooked. Especially when it comes to smaller businesses as they underestimate the impact they collectively can have.

Make a difference and take your first step in growing a sustainable and profitable business for the future, with products like eSignatures and eForms, it has never been easier.


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