How to Improve Workflow with Electronic Forms and Signatures

Workflow Electronic Forms and Signatures

Thanks to the digital age, there are almost endless benefits. You are able to improve business processes and streamline workflows like never before. And with electronic forms, you can reap some of these benefits, to save both time and money.

Below we’ll be going through some points on how Conclude can help you improve your workflows through the use of electronic form solutions.


With electronic forms, you can automate workflows. A lot of the time documents need to go through multiple stages to be approved, obtain the necessary information, and be stored.

Electronic forms allow you to automate these processes. Once the form is completed at one stage it will go to the next, and so on, and when the document is complete it can be set to be stored in a central location that is easy to access.


Electronic forms and documents eliminate the need for expensive filing cabinets, endless paper and printing routines, and missing documents.

Having a centralised, digital way to store and access your electronic forms and documents. This means you can easily retrieve documents you need, and access them from anywhere.

Without the need for paper-based forms and mundane administrative tasks, you are on track to save a lot of time and money that revolves around them.


Being able to access your forms at any time from anywhere, should be seen as a benefit in and of itself. But couple that with the ability to easily retrieve any document or documents with a simple search query, and you have a winner.

Electronic forms eliminate the need to search through piles and piles of documents looking for the one you need. Instead, you can just search your database for the relevant information and get your workflows moving along quickly.

Lastly, all your forms and documents can be securely stored in one place.

Ease of Use

Both the business and customers are able to access, complete and submit electronic forms with little to no interference. This means you can get your business processes going quickly and easily.

Electronic forms also allow for predetermined data types for entries. This reduces the number of potential errors when completing the forms. Making it easier to interpret and submit.


Considering all the above benefits that electronic forms can have on your workflow, it’s easy to see why they are becoming so popular. Every business wants to save time and money, and electronic forms give you just that.

No more paper and printing, no more excessive admin work and no more delays in workflow.

Contact Conclude, and we will assist you in setting your business up with electronic forms and signatures, to make the most out of your business

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