How Conclude Electronic Forms Have Helped Our Clients

Electronic Forms Helped Clients


There are so many benefits and improvements offered from Electronic Forms, it should come as no surprise that Conclude has been able to assist many sectors.

We have been able to streamline workflows and improve end-user experience through our Electronic Form Solutions. Below we will be looking at specific cases where Electronic Forms have helped our clients.


ABSA Bank is one of South Africa’s leading financial institutions. And as a leading FSP, they are expected to provide their customers with the best possible experience.

With Conclude on their side, we were able to help them achieve just that. Firstly, Conclude assisted ABSA with improving their business processes, providing better customer experience and improved compliance.

Switching from paper to electronic forms, ABSA is able to increase productivity, as they spend less time on administrative tasks. ABSA no longer needs to spend valuable time to find or print forms, gather necessary information, get signatures in the correct places, and worry about missing information. Because electronic forms provide a platform to mitigate these issues.

Our electronic forms and signature solutions combined, offer global legal compliance. As required for privacy, data protection and digital signature compliance.

The switch to electronic forms has also helped ABSA reduce costs surrounding the paper-based alternative. Considering courier services, printing, admin and storage costs.

The use of Conclude’s electronic forms, signature solutions and Wacom signature pads, has allowed ABSA to provide an improved customer experience, from start to finish. Which has helped build lasting relationships with their customers.


With the duties and services that the South African Revenue Services are responsible for, they need to be performing at optimal levels. And with their previous tax filing system, it just wasn’t possible. Taxpayers would have to print their forms from an online document or collect the forms from a SARS branch. After completion, they could only be returned via a branch or via fax. This resulted in additional costs and incredibly long queues for the taxpayers.

This is where Conclude stepped in, to help SARS solve these dilemmas and provide the best possible service to taxpayers. Firstly, Conclude was able to design custom electronic forms, with conditional logic to deliver the correct tax form in PDF format, that could easily be completed and submitted online via “eFiling”, at a branch, or printed as necessary. Secondly, the conditional logic in the electronic forms ensured that only the necessary information was obtained from the taxpayer per use case. Switching the tax forms to electronic forms also allowed data collection to become easier, by eliminating the need for lengthy OCR processes.

And finally, allowed taxpayers to submit their tax returns online, reducing those long queues and improving SARS branch efficiency.

Laerskool Muldersdrif

There is a lot of paperwork and many forms for parents to complete, when it comes to school. Which leads to a lot of administrative tasks, hefty costs around printing, filing and storage, and makes it difficult to keep track of all the documents.

Laerskool Muldersdrif reached out to Conclude, to assist them with digitising some of these processes.

Conclude was subsequently able to reduce their 18- page application form down to 11 pages, while integrating with their already established working processes. Above all, Conclude’s electronic form and signing solution made it easier for parents to complete their applications/re-enrollment forms.

Our electronic form solution has also helped them to streamline their workflow, by eliminating lengthy email chains, and ensures the correct information and supporting documents are present before being able to be submitted.


Conclude prides itself as a leader in Digital Transformation. With our Electronic Forms and Digital Signature solutions, we have been able to assist our clients in many ways. From improved workflow, saving costs and streamlined processes, to better customer experiences.

If you are in need of any of the benefits these solutions offer, get in touch with Conclude today!

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