How Electronic Signatures can help B-BBEE Verification Agencies
Help B-BBEE Verification Agencies

B-BBEE stands for Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment. This is used to empower South Africa’s black entrepreneurs, afford equal job opportunities, stimulate socio-economic and enterprise development, and implement preferential procurement. In other words, B-BBEE is a significant part of the economic transformation for South Africa’s economy. Likewise, the B-BBEE verification agency is an integral part of the process for any company to register as a B-BBEE verified company. Implementing an electronic signature process would greatly benefit B-BBEE verification agencies’ efficiency, productivity, and security. Using electronic signatures is an easy change to make, that reaps many benefits. B-BBEE Verification Agencies could benefit from undergoing a digital transformation, and here’s what they could achieve by implementing electronic signatures.


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Maximise Efficiency

Firstly, moving to a digital system for all the steps of a B-BBEE verification process cuts out the need to print copious paper copies of forms. This significantly lowers the risk of missing documents and provides traceability and accountability for essential forms. This makes the verification process faster, smoother, and more efficient. It also means that a digital resource can recall documents. This means it consolidates any discrepancies in the verification process quickly.

Without printing costs, envelopes, and couriers, a B-BBEE verification agency would save money. And without these processes, the time saved on completing each application and verification would increase employee productivity. Implementing an electronic signature opens the opportunity for an agency to save time and money.

Ensure Traceability

Secondly, ease of use is an incredible benefit of using a digital system. When your signature process is online, there is no need to print any documents. All the information can remain on a digital platform. That means that the documents will always be in one place. Pages can never go missing, and the documents remain on a secure server.

Physical documents are an administrative nightmare, and having all of the documents in a single place, where it is easily retrievable is a considerable benefit. The B-BBEE verification process is long and intricate. Therefore, if the entire system is digitised, the whole process is much smoother and more productive, minimising the risk of lost documents.

A Safe and Secure Process

Finally, with any official document process, the security of the forms is a forefront concern. Major corporations like ABSA and SARS have proven that implementing a digital signature process can be a safe and secure way to handle important documents that carry private information while retaining the integrity of their services, boosting productivity and efficiency. Therefore, B-BBEE verification agencies can be assured that their sensitive documents are safe and secure throughout the entire process by simply implementing electronic signatures.


Implementing electronic signatures into the B-BBEE verification process is a simple change. However, its benefits to productivity, efficiency, and traceability are unbeatable.

With Conclude’s Electronic Signatures, and Electronic forms, B-BBEE Verification agencies will be able to improve processes across the board and provide a trusted service to all of their clients.

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