How Electronic Signatures (eSignatures) can save you time and money…

Electronic Signatures (eSignatures) have made their way into popularity over recent years – particularly over the last year, considering the way the world has had to adapt – and are slowly becoming a general consensus for signing a document, over a pen-to-paper signature.

While electronic signatures still have many hurdles to overcome before becoming standardised, they do have plenty of benefits, most importantly, their impact on you saving time and money.

Electronic Signatures (eSignatures) can save you time and money…
How you ask…?

Electronic Signatures (eSignatures)



















Saving you Time

As with most things nowadays, if it’s online, it’s going to save you time, and this is no different when it comes to e-signatures.

Being able to access a means of signing a document from a simple smart device, or being able to sign a document from distant locations, means that signees won’t have to go through time-consuming efforts to sign documents, no need to travel to a print shop or post office to sign, receive or send documents that need to be signed, particularly with original documents that are required to be sent through “snail mail” to ensure no tampering.

E-signature solutions also allow users to sign multiple pages or documents with a single entry.

Saving you Money

Every person and business wants to save money.

E-signatures can provide a very cost-effective means of getting documents signed, both for the creator of the document and the signee.

Not having to pay the costs of paper and ink to print or reprint documents, or mail/delivery costs to send and receive documents, both sides are immediately saving money from the use of e-signatures.

These electronic alternatives can also save on administration costs involved with filing, securing, and storing paper documents, as e-signatures incorporate these actions preemptively.


Switching from pen-to-paper signatures to e-signatures is most certainly a step in the right direction, for many reasons.

Some reasons can save both time and money simultaneously – such as errors on documents, missing information on documents, or missing documents entirely.

For the many reasons e-signatures are better and have grown in popularity over recent years, the most important one – legality – is making strides in becoming accepted.

With the moving times, saving time and money is definitely a reason to look into adopting an e-signature solution.

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