Benefits of e-Forms and Digital Signatures in the FinTech industry…

e-Forms and Digital Signatures can benefit most Financial Service providers that are continuously trying to improve their business processes.
Their aim is to provide a better customer experience by digitising their processes.
Adopting an electronic signature solution that makes use of digital signature technology provides this improved customer experience, along with secure, legal, and compliant means to automate transactions that require the customer’s signature.

e-Forms and Digital Signatures

Thanks to the leaps that digital signature technology has taken recently, increased security is no longer a worry.

Using identifying security and biometric data, which is permanently embedded within an electronic form, ensures that one can verify the authenticity of the signee at any time and that the document hasn’t been tampered with after the point of signing.

Digital signatures on electronic forms use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to provide a high level of assurance when verifying the signee.


The use of paper-based processes is quite archaic in this technology-driven age.

No matter the industry you are in, you need to look for ways to increase productivity and reduce costs, without sacrificing quality.

Digital signature solutions provide exactly this.

With less time being wasted on administrative duties, such as printing, scanning, collating, and capturing information, consultants and advisors are able to utilise the saved time to focus on building relationships with the customers.

It is also estimated that paper-based processes cost around 10 to 20 times more than the paperless counterpart.

Saving costs revolving around courier services, printing, storage, and the costs of human error.

With the intelligent systems built around electronic forms and digital signatures, workflow rules ensure that all the required data has been captured before a document can be signed off.



Conclude offers e-Forms and digital signatures that comply with local and international standards for privacy, data protection, and digital signature compliance



e-Forms and digital signatures are being more widely accepted around the globe as legally binding because the security protocols used for these solutions provide a higher level of assurance and are still compliant with regional and international standards.



Considering all these points and benefits, it is safe to say that electronic forms and digital signatures provide an easy, convenient and accessible experience.

This is ideal for building long-lasting and quality relationships with customers, by giving them the freedom to choose how and where they will transact.

Having a good online experience can be just as important as the personal touch of face-to-face interaction, and this is what electronic forms and digital signatures aim to achieve.

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