Who is Wacom?

Wacom is the global leader and premium manufacturer of pen displays and illustrative tablets for creative users. As a technology company, Wacom provides cutting-edge digital ink solutions for a wide range of partners. Their technologies have been incorporated into smartphones, tablets, and digital stationery. Wacom utilises its technologies to facilitate the best digital ink and pen experiences for its customers. Throughout their lives and across all facets of their life.

Digital pens and digital ink are at the forefront of all our activities. Ink is the medium that humans have been using for millennia to record, express and preserve information and communication. Whilst creatives use it to visualise their inspirations, most of us use ink to capture thoughts, to communicate, to authorise and validate. The signature or the act of “leaving one’s mark” on a page has been a tried and tested means of concluding agreements and providing consent across all sectors and industries, a key focus for Wacom.

Wacom develops and advances a range of digital pen and ink technologies for their Wacom branded products and solutions for their partners.

Wacom Signature Pads

Firstly, there are 2 very popular signature pads that are widely used across South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world. These include the STU 400 series and the STU 500 Series.

The latest generation of each model is STU-430 and STU-540. Both of which have seen many advancements over the past decade. Most importantly, improved aspects of security, functionality enhancements and even durability. Making the devices rugged for those more precarious working environments such as construction and mining.

The main difference between these signature pads is the 430 has a monochrome display, while the 540 is a colour display.

Chances are you’ve seen these devices in your local bank, as well as your popular retailers.

Both units utilise state-of-the-art RSA/AES encryption to ensure safe transactions with electronic signatures, while their cordless, battery-free pens – with 1024 pressure sensitivity levels enable biometric capturing of digital signatures. A biometric signature in this case will refer to not only the act of graphically reproducing one’s signature on a screen but gathering biometric information as well. Biometric information includes variables such as: pressure, angle, tilt, speed, and flow. These can then be used to validate one’s signature for authenticity purposes. A real game-changer in the fraud department.

Wacom Display Tablets

Secondly, Wacom also offers a range of larger display tablets. Two to mention are the DTK-1660E and the DTU-1031AX.

The main difference between these two display tablets is their size. The DTK sports a 15.6” display, which makes it ideal for contracts or large documents that need to be read in its entirety, replicating a full-scale version of an A4 page. The DTU in comparison, has a 10.1” display, making it good for displaying information that needs to be ticked off or signed off, as a scaled A5 page.

These tablets have been extremely well received in countries such as Europe, America and the United Arab Emirates. The user experience is vastly improved. Particularly when the user and the presenter can both see the same document across different devices simultaneously. As if they were working on the same piece of paper.






How does Conclude fit in?








Conclude is a premium partner and regional partner for Wacom in Sub-Saharan Africa. Conclude has assisted multiple companies across 13 countries in Africa, helping find solutions to their digital challenges.

Transitioning from paper to digital can be a cumbersome process, especially when one changes the way to capture that “mark”. Together, Conclude’s skills and expertise in software development, consulting, and brilliant minds at the forefront of this technology, with Wacom’s RSA/AES encryption and pressure sensitivity across their devices, this partnership makes for a perfect recipe for success. Therefore, apart from just the technology, this partnership ensures that compliance is maintained according to the governing legislature. Requirements are met through the level of security and biometric data needed to satisfy such requirements, as set out in the Electronic and Communications and Transactions Act, 2002. (ECT Act).

Finally, Wacom’s products and combined solutions are widely used. For instance – in the FinTech, legal, parastatal, telecoms, mining, medical, real estate and automotive industries. However, they can be used anywhere really, where the strategy has been embarked upon for a document to be signed digitally, legally, and securely.


Conclude is the regional partner for South Africa and the African continent. From creative to business, Wacom provides solutions to bring the digital world to life. State-of-the-art displays, security, and biometrics allow Conclude to deliver our premium Electronic Signature solutions to our clients.


Contact Conclude today, to find a solution that works for you!

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