The Role of Technology in Education

The Role of Technology in Education

If the pandemic has shown us one thing, it is the important role technology can play within education. A few years back, online learning wasn’t something the majority of us had experienced. But come lockdown, if you were studying or had children who were still at school, online learning and classes became part of your life.

This has led to an explosion of online resources and changed the way many of us look at education. Whether you like it or not, children are part of a digital world. And we need to ensure we equip them to effectively navigate this new world.

Libraries as we knew them are becoming a thing of the past. Students no longer rush off to the local library to make notes and photocopy reference books. Libraries, well the ones that are keeping up to date are packed with computers. Which means students are now able to access endless resources with just a few clicks.

Old School Teaching – A Thing of the Past

The way we teach our children hasn’t evolved at the incredible pace technology has. Old fashioned teaching methods, although work for some children, definitely don’t work for all. Considering our children are part of the digital age and smack bang in the middle of a technological revolution, we need to understand that they absorb information considerably differently from students of the past.

Technology has provided instant access to a world of information. This provides an opportunity for students to research on their own and become more independent. Granted, educators will have to shift their focus to teaching research and critical thinking skills as opposed to expecting students to regurgitate facts.

Technology has not only benefited students through easy access to information, online resources, and online classes, but it has also benefited teachers. Educators are able to teach using a variety of mediums. From infographics, instructional videos, and PowerPoint presentations through to online tests. Some schools even video their classes and students can access them later on if required.

According to an article by Ed Monger, 10 Important Roles Of Technology In Education, “Technology has evaluated the learning process through video graphics, which helps the human mind understand the concept faster and remember it for a long time. This can be only possible because of the visual information system.”

Another big and often under-utilised tool within education are collaboration tools. Collaboration tools became key for many companies through the pandemic, but they have not been embraced within the education sector as much as they could be. These tools can connect teachers from different schools, connect teachers and students, and are the perfect tool for those much-dreaded group work assignments!


Improving Education Through Technology

We don’t believe technology can ever replace a fantastic teacher and nor should it. Enhance the learning process with technology. After all, we are in a digital world, and we need to ensure our children have the skills to succeed.

Experienced educators understand that children learn differently and that not all children thrive within the classroom environment. Technology is now able to provide that much-needed diversification and assist teachers and schools alike to be more effective.

Embracing technology within the education system will benefit teachers and students alike. We will need to relook at how and what we teach. With the advancements in technology, students have facts at their fingertips, we no longer need to teach those. But we do need to teach them how to research, how to be discerning, think strategically, and how to utilise all the tools at their disposal effectively!

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