Mobile Apps and their role in Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation plays a vital role for any business trying to thrive in today’s market. Whether it’s a means to connect with new or existing customers, cheaper marketing strategies or streamlining workflow processes, Digital Transformation is the way forward.

Incorporating mobile apps into your Digital Transformation strategy shouldn’t be optional, it should be a high priority. There are different mobile apps you can use, which will assist with different tasks, and we should consider most, if not all of them.

As shown by Statista, the amount of smartphone users in South Africa is incredibly high and expected only to grow in the coming years. With an estimated population of 59.62 million, as of mid-2020, you can see nearly half of the country are smartphone users.

Mobile Apps and Digital Transformation second image


With such high demand and usage, it would be bad business practice not to leverage smartphones and the multitude of applications that users utilise on them.

Why use Mobile Apps in Digital Transformation?

Seeing such statistics, it should come as no surprise that mobile apps can be useful to growing your business and assisting the Digital Transformation process. Mobile apps provide a convenient and easily accessible way to bring together and streamline different business elements.

Below are some of the key benefits that mobile apps can have:

  • Increased work efficiency
  • Reduced costs and time saving
  • Connected workforce
  • Improved customer engagement and loyalty
  • Improved data analytics and market insights
Mobile Apps and Digital Transformation
Benefits of Digital Transformation by Gengarajan PV via hakuna matata


Which Mobile Apps to use for your Digital Transformation


While there are plenty of mobile apps on the market, each of them has their pros and cons and may be useful to your business or not. We have gathered a few mobile apps, we have found useful and think can be useful to most businesses. Although we do recommend finding the right ones for you.

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