Key Benefits of Electronic Signatures

In the digital era, there are certain things that have become incredibly important to us. And it’s no different when conducting business or performing transactions (of any kind). Electronic signatures offer many benefits that cover these important aspects. 

Below we’ll be going through some of the key benefits that electronic signatures have to offer.


To start with, the ability to access documents and sign them from anywhere in the world should come as no surprise, as a key benefit.

Especially after recent years, and the increase in remote workforces. With teams split up, it is vital for the appropriate documents to get to the right people, and signed off promptly.


Without the need to mail, print or scan documents, the turnaround time to get things signed is significantly increased. Electronic signatures also save time, and increase productivity, by reducing the amount of administrative tasks needed to handle, check and store documents.

Electronic signatures can also be completed and returned almost immediately. No more backlog of documents, awaiting approval and sign-off.

There’s also less need to arrange in-person meetings, which take up large amounts of time, in order to get documents signed.


Since there’s a reduced need to print, scan, or mail documents, less travelling for meetings and no need for document storage facilities, there is a significant amount of money to be saved.

Automating processes is a surefire way to get ROI. Eliminating the chance of human error, and the need to check/validate documents.


Electronic signatures use highly secure encryption methods, identity authentication and ensure they are tamper-proof to secure and validate signatures. 

Firstly, encryption in electronic signatures makes sure that only the intended person(s) have access to the document.

Secondly, with 2-factor authentication, sign up processes and in-person validation – electronic signatures are arguably more secure and legally binding than wet signatures.

Thirdly, with the embedded information within electronic signatures, documents can remain tamper-proof. Location, time and date stamps from trusted certificate authorities is what makes electronic signatures tamper-proof.


The environment is of utmost importance! Electronic signatures eliminate the need for paper-based systems.

Not only that but reducing the fossil fuels emitted from vehicles while travelling to and from meetings is yet another appreciation from the environment.


Simple is effective. And that is no different when it comes to electronic signatures.

A few easy clicks/presses and dragging your finger or mouse across a screen is just how simple electronic signatures are. The simplicity of electronic signatures are sure to improve customer experience and increase productivity all around.

Not to mention that electronic signatures can be accessed and completed through multiple devices, that just about anyone has access to.


Conclude offers industry-leading electronic signature and form solutions. We have helped many businesses realise these benefits.

Get in touch with us today, and we can help you realise them too!

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