How to Avoid Digital Signature Pitfalls

With digital signatures growing in popularity and use by the day, it’s easy to only see sunshine and roses. However, there are certain things to be on the lookout for, to ensure your digital signature solution works for you.

In this week’s post, we’ll be advising you on some pitfalls to digital signatures, and how to avoid them.


Avoid Digital Signature Pitfalls

Picking The Right Solution

Firstly, you need to be sure of what you will be using a digital signature solution for. This is important because there are different solutions that can be used for different things. The main impact of the different solutions come from their affordability, their compliance, and how simple they are to use.

There are solutions for simple in-house documents or invoicing, legally binding documents or documents that require high levels of security and auditability.

At Conclude, our signing solutions are able to assist you with everything. From standard electronic signatures to advanced electronic signatures, as well as hardware and workflow automation.


Ease of Use:
Secondly, ensure you find a digital signing solution that is simple to use. There has to be a simple and easy to understand UI for both you and your customers.

It doesn’t help when you are struggling to create or sign your electronic forms, and have to send your customer jumping over hurdles to complete a document.

Ease of use should also not interfere with a feature-rich solution. You need to be able to do everything you need to do, if not more. And still be able to navigate it without difficulty.

The right solution will also be able to integrate with most, if not all of the software your business is currently using. This just allows for seamless adoption of a digital signature solution.


Laws and Regulations

When choosing a digital signature solution, you need to keep in mind what laws and regulationsneed to be followed. The reason for this is because certain documents require specific levels of security, validity and identification.

In order for a document to be legally binding/stand in a court of law – you need to be able to confirm who signed it, that they knew what they were signing and that they signed of their own free will. Which can be difficult with a standard electronic signature.

You also need to keep in mind any international standards and regulations, specifically when a document is created or needs to be signed by someone outside of your country or jurisdiction.

Conclude’s digital signing solutions work hand-in-hand with the only private Certificate Authority in South Africa, to ensure all laws are followed.



Security is of the utmost importance when dealing with anything digitally. Especially when there is sensitive, personal or confidential information being shared through electronic forms.

This is because there are a significant number of cybercriminals who are aiming to use such information with malicious intent.

Choosing the right digital signature solution must ensure that both you and your customer’s information is safe, secure, cannot be tampered with, and takes steps to confirm the identities of any and all signers, with a clear audit trail.










There are many digital signing solutions to choose from. However, they aren’t always the best. It is important to know what you are getting from your solution, to ensure you don’t succumb to these pitfalls.
Conclude offers South Africa’s industry standard, when it comes to digital signature and electronic form solutions. Working closely with South Africa’s Certificate Authority, to provide our clients with secure, easy-to-use, feature rich, and fully compliant digital signature solutions.

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