How Digital Transformation can improve Customer Experience

In last week’s blog, we went through some of the many benefits that Digital Transformation can have for your business.

This week we will be looking more directly, into how Digital Transformation can improve customer experience, specifically, a good customer experience, as it can be the make or break point for any business. That is why it is an important factor to consider when implementing a Digital Transformation strategy.

How Digital Transformation can improve Customer Experience

Data Utilisation

First of all, customers of today are almost always connected. Whether it’s on a computer or via their mobile device, they are always browsing online. This means that there is an ocean of valuable customer data that is available. And with the digital tools at your disposal, you are able to utilise that data to your benefit.

Customers nowadays enjoy a personalised experience. Utilising the customer data means you are able to see their browsing habits, spending habits, and so on. This means you can provide personalised recommendations, communications and services to each customer. 

After all, the more relevant something is to a customer, the more likely they are to commit to it.


Secondly, automation is invaluable in the digital age. Not only does it streamline internal processes, to deliver a faster customer journey. But it also allows for front-facing 24/7 customer service.

Having things like chatbots and automated e-commerce, your digital customer’s need for instant gratification can be fulfilled. Customers want their needs met – where and when they need them.

The modern customer prefers to interact with computer-based applications, over humans. According to Accenture, the availability, efficiency and politeness of computer-based applications, improved their overall satisfaction.

Omnichannel Availability

Lastly, since customers are always connected and have to have their needs met almost immediately, it’s a good approach to provide an omnichannel experience.

Your customers will want to have a seamless and accessible experience when dealing with your business. Allowing them to have the same experience no matter what platform they have access to, will ensure consistency and reliability, and much higher customer retention.

Internal omnichannel experience is also just as important for your customer’s journey. Allowing teams and departments to quickly correspond and solve customer queries and issues will go a long way in keeping your customers happy.


While Digital Transformation is an enterprise-wide approach, putting a little extra attention to the customer experience is advised. Customers are able to provide feedback and/or criticism instantaneously. With that in mind, keeping your customers happy is vital.

Your customers are the driving force of your business. AS stated earlier, your customer experience can make or break a successful business.

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