Electronic Forms as Part of Your Digital Transformation

Switching from paper-based forms to electronic forms is a good starting point for any Digital Transformation strategy. 

We also know that digital transformation is a must-do, for any modern business.

If you would like to know a bit more about what digital transformation is, and why it’s so important, check out our previous blog post.

Electronic Forms | Digital Transformation


How eForms fit into a Digital Transformation strategy

Electronic Forms offer an easy to use way for businesses to create and complete the forms they need, as well as automating the workflows of said forms. 

This digital solution, and the streamlined processes, as well as the easy integration into business processes, make the use of electronic forms a good stepping stone into digital transformation.

Electronic forms eliminate the need to print or scan forms, as well as the need to manually process and store them. Secure, cloud-based storage, ensure you can find the document you need when you need it.

They also provide you with full control over the fields and data types of your forms, to avoid any hiccups or errors which may occur, and also give you valuable analytics and increased compliance assurance as you can track eforms from start to finish.

The most valuable asset that electronic forms bring to a digital transformation strategy has to be their ability to automate workflows. From the beginning, you can set who gets the form and when they get it, what details they need to complete and when the workflow comes to an end. This, alongside notifications and tracking, allow you to streamline any workflow process that requires a form, and provides an easy to use platform for your customers.


Digital Transformation allows all businesses to operate more efficiently, save money, increase productivity and cater to a wider base of customers. Now, implementing electronic form solutions is an important part of any digital transformation strategy, with all the benefits they offer.

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