Different Digital Signatures Use Cases

There is almost an endless number of ways one can incorporate digital signatures into your business. From frontend to backend processes, and everything in between. Allowing you to cut the costs surrounding paper-based forms and document signing, as well as streamlining your workflow processes. Digital signatures are a good step into a digital transformation strategy.

However, you may still be unaware of where or how to incorporate digital signatures for you.

In this post, we’ll be highlighting some of the different use cases that digital signatures have.



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Different Digital Signatures

Education Sector

The education sector sees a lot of different documents that need to be completed every year. Whether it’s student registration, reregistration, indemnity forms, extracurriculars or just internal documents that need to be signed off.

Digital signature and electronic form solutions allow these processes to be completed and filed with little to no hassle.

Conclude’s solutions allow schools to create electronic forms, have them sent, completed and digitally signed, before being returned. The process is completely secure and trackable each step of the way, and fully compliant with regulations.


FinTech Industry

Financial service providers are always looking for enhanced customer experiences, as well as secure and compliant ways to handle all the documents between them and their customers.

FSPs deal with a lot of contracts, credit agreements, new client onboarding and customer relations. All of these documents and processes require signatures, and these signatures need to be able to stand a court of law.

With Conclude we provide completely secure, legal and compliant digital signing solutions, that is fully auditable and digital signing hardware to create a seamless customer experience.

B-BBEE Verification Agencies 

There are a plethora of documents that move between the different parties involved in a business B-BBEE verification process. Documents from companies, consultants and the
verification agencies require strict adherence to protocols and processes.

With that in mind Conclude’s digital signatures solutions enable any organisation to optimise how they create and quickly, share, review, approve and securely sign important business documents.



There are also a number of other uses for digital signatures. These can include Purchase Orders, invoices, sales contracts, HR documents and employee onboarding. The possibilities are endless.



The best way forward for you and your business is to find out which processes require forms to be filled out or which documents require signatures. And with the different digital signature options available, you can choose the one best suited to your needs. Automating workflows, having a secure and reliable audit trail, and remaining compliant with POPIA and the ECT Act.


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