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Hardware arrow Wacom STU 300 Signature Tablet with Signing Software SDK
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Wacom STU 300 Signature Tablet with Signing Software SDK
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Wacom STU 300 Signature Tablet with Signing Software SDK

Price: R2,775.14 (including 14 % tax)
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1 - 200R2,775.14
201 - 500R2,719.88
501 - 2000R2,642.55
2001 - 5000R2,598.42
5001 - 10000R2,576.37
10001 - 99999R2,543.16

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The STU-300 LCD Signature Tablet offers a quality monochrome display and 396 x 100 pixel resolution. With its small, compact design and durable, robust quality, this tablet is suited for professionals working with digital documents that require customer signature.

All Wacom signature displays have a comfortable signing surface that mimics the feel of signing on paper. Its elegant, ergonomic design is perfect for customer-facing transactions because the signature can be viewed as the signatory is writing on screen.

Pens are cordless, battery-free and require no maintenance. A tether is provided to prevent loss.

As with the other signature tablets in the line, the STU-300 is based on Wacom's patented pen technology. The sensor registers relevant biometric information about the signature — such as data coordinates and pressure sensitivity. The individual pressure profile, the writing rhythm and the writing speed result in a unique biometric signature profile.

Compact - A smaller overall footprint for portability or areas with space constraints.

Accurate - A high sensor resolution and pressure levels help ensure a clear and true-to-life eSignature.

100% Hand Rejection - Uses electromagnetic resonance (EMR) to capture the movements of the pen, not accidental touches by the hand or finger. EMR ensures that only the intended signature is captured.

User Acceptance - An anti-glare surface and the ability to see your signature as it is captured provides an intuitive signing experience for new users.

Low Cost of Ownership - A durable, monochrome signing surface and a maintenance-free pen contribute to a low total cost of ownership.

Signing Software SDK included for inetegration with own applications (other than Adobe and Microsoft Office).


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